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A Healthy Skincare Lifestyle

From an early age, my sister and I were taught to embrace a healthy lifestyle for our skin. The Smooth California 'formula' has been in our family for over eighty years and my sister and I learned first hand the importance of healthy skincare. Our mother repeatedly told us, Take care of your skin!"

As I got older and strayed  from the 'family' formula and tried commercial products, my skin suffered. It became extremely dry and flaky. I knew I'd made a mistake.  As an African American, I understand how important moisture is to the skin as well as the right combination which is necessary for soft, smooth and supple skin.


Smooth California has seven signature products which support a 'healthy skin lifestyle.


Smooth California 'Soft' Body Butter is

formulated to keep your body moisturized and hydrated. Smooth California 'Calm' Face Cream will not only moisturize your face but maintain elasticity which is needed to fight wrinkles and acne. Using our special formula mixed with Himalayan Salt, Smooth California 'Buff' Body Scrub exfoliates your skin to a smooth healthy glow. Your skin will be in love. Next, Smooth California signature Lip Balm will moisturizer and soften your lip in the harshest conditions. Smooth California 'Clean' Hand Sanitizer will not only cleanse your hands but will leave hands soft and smooth. The Smooth California 'Krazie' Tallow Body Bar will cleanse, hydrate, and calm your skin. Finally, Smooth California's Shower Conditioner which will hydrate and feed skin the moisture it needs as well as condition your skin in the shower and leave it moisturized and hydrated.

Smooth California products are made with 100% natural ingredients without  preservatives or additives.


We strive to make sure your skin stays healthy and smooth. After all, It's "How skin should be".


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Create a Healthy Skin Lifestyle

Smooth California is a family owned skincare 'formula' whose main purpose is to promote a healthy skincare lifestyle. Smooth California is a healthy alternative to commercial products filled with chemicals and man made additives that not only do damage to your skin but your body as well.


Smooth California products are Tallow based and made with 100% natural ingredients WITHOUT preservatives or additives. We strive to make sure your skin stays healthy and smooth.

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For general inquiries or feedback, please call us. We are happy to speak with you.

PO Box 1695, Chino Hills, CA 91709


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